Composite Apps unlocks dormant value in your data investments by bringing your total business intelligence picture into focus with…

Powerful Analytics

Our data processing technologies create priority and focus. These learning algorithms use artificial intelligence to bring significance and context to abstract information, naturally conveying meaning in straightforward, illustrative metrics constructed from quantitative data sources.

Meaningful Narratives

We understand that data, no matter how powerful, cannot stand on its own. We incorporate robust workflow platforms into business intelligence solutions to incorporate qualitative context via user insights and actions along side data metrics, all in a single view.

Enterprise UX

A proven, design centric process creates a sustainable enterprise user experience. The UX design process brings clients’ ideas to fruition. Great UX espouses immersive engagement and allows users to experience their focused data, in the proper context, to improve business practices.

Our solutions have had real-world impact on our customers

They have allowed to revolutionize how it engages employees and plans marketing strategies. They have enabled America’s largest lung cancer advocacy group, , to connect patients to the appropriate clinical trials. With our platform, they are allowing healthcare professionals to re-imagine how care management best practice can be accomplished. What can they do for you? Please take a look at just a small sampling of our solutions for data value fulfillment.


Composite Apps was established on an offbeat business model: merge design thinking, powerful analytics and cutting edge engineering into one dynamic business partner for the word’s leading enterprises.