Engage Your Employees

Easily Collaborate

“I can’t get the support I

need from my team”

Connect with the Organization

“Am I contributing to the

success of the company?”

Maximize Feedback

“Has anyone reviewed

the work that I’m doing?”

Clear Expectations

“How is my performance

being rated? How am I doing?”

Give Direction

“What should I be doing

next? How do I do it?”

To increase employee engagement, organizations must empower frontline workers with the tools they need to collaborate, execute on work, and monitor performance, outlining a clear path to success.

Why Now?

With a changing business landscape, it is now more important than ever to ensure that employees are engaged

In order to keep up with a changing economy, the modern workforce is becoming more distributed, discontinuous, and variable


of the modern workforce will be madeup of freelance workers by 2020


Businesses will find it critical to engage the modern, mobile workforce in order to:

Retain Talent

Execute on Projects

Reduce Liability

Facilitate Communication

Stay Secure

Employees are not engaged, and it’s affecting their work, project performance, and your bottom line

As employee engagement
declines, so do profits, retention
rates, and productivity







Organizations Turn to CURA to...


Engage Employees

Employee engagement directly affects key business outcomes. CURA keeps your employees in the loop and focused on results.


Increase Productivity

CURA significantly reduces time spent on status reporting and checking up, creating more time for getting work done.


Facilitate Collaboration

CURA provides employees with consumer-grade collaboration and communication tools in the context of work.


Gain Visibility

Advanced analytics are visualized clearly and in real-time to drive action. It’s time to start leveraging your data.


Manage Resources

Monitor performance, track utilization, and manage workload. CURA bridges the gap between your talent and your work.


Reduce Liability

Establish a consistent, traceable process with CURA. DCAA compliant timesheet submission and approval.